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A Single EOS Blockchain Contributor Controls Six Block

EOS Block Producer, EOS New York, recently brought to light evidence that shows that a single entity manages six registered producers on the EOS blockchain.

This isn’t the first time that EOS has faced similar accusations in the past. It was said that the Delegated Proof of Stake protocol is favoring centralization on the network.

Seems Centralized

In essence, the majority of the 21 EOS Block Producers belong to China, which has long been a topic of concern. Per the latest report, the single entity resides in Shenzhen, China. Furthermore, it also claims that the six domains were registered at the same time by the same person or organization.

EOS New York provided details, proving its stance by adding whois domain data as well as proposing the removal of these six registered producers, namely, stargalaxybp, validatoreos, eoszeusiobp1, eosunioniobp, eosathenabp1, and eosrainbowbp. EOS New York said "1/ Six registered producers on EOS are managed by a single entity. This is unacceptable. We have requested the signatures of the top 50 registered producers so that all token-holders may know who does and who does not condone such impropriety. Read on for evidence and the URLs"

EOS Under Fire

This data paved the way for another allegation against EOS, which works on a smart contract platform, enabling the millions of transactions per second with no cost of the transaction.

Besides, the network operates on the delegated proof-of-stake mechanism wherein the network participants can stake coins. These funds allow users to vote for block producers as elected delegates. Interestingly, the community also supported the issue raised by EOS New York. As a way to address the issue, a few members are suggesting that the critical issue is the consensus mechanism while others are urging to reform the governance and voting system.

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