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Aave - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description


Aave builds decentralized app on Ethereum. Its main product is ETHLend, a decentralized crypto backed lending marketplace.

Bounty 1 Overview: Decentralized Money Market Fund

Description: Create a Smart Contract capable of funding loans in the decentralized lending marketplace ETHLend, with parameters established by the entity who controls it. Third parties will be able to subscribe to the Market Fund smart contract sending the amount of ETH or DAI they want to participate with. The repayments of the loans would be distributed by the Fund back to the third parties.

Prize Amount: $1,500

Bounty 2 Overview: Voice assistant loan bot

Description: Create a skill using a voice enabled personal assistant that reads the data of ETHLend loan ledger and provides the user information on available loans on ETHLend by using voice-commands. For example: “How much DAI I can borrow against my LEND tokens?” or “What is the average interest rate?”

Prize Amount: $1,000

Bounty 3 Overview: Microstaking

Description: Integrate https://github.com/ETHLend/Microstaking in to your project. Microstaking enables you to collect small stakes of ERC-20 from users to a common pool. The funds are redistributed from the common pool to users who complete any registered action. Microstaking helps you to incentivize your users to complete a process in your dapp or protocol.

Prize Amount: $500

Bounty 4 Overview: Secure Key Sharing

Description: Make a proposal about how to share a crypto wallet between a mobile device and a web-based application and vice versa in a secure way.

Prize Amount: $500

Bounty 5 Overview: UX – Test ETHLend & Bless us with your Feedback

Description: ETHLend has been around for 2 years in Main network. Spend around an hour with us (live or form) to review and test our UX to help ETHLend scaling towards mainstream crypto-users.

Prize Amount: $1,500 (to split between the first selected 15 participants)

  1. Open source code

Judging Criteria for All Bounties

Feasibility and originality

Contact Information

Maria Magenes - maria@aave.com

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