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Accelerating Enterprise Blockchain Adoption With Greenhouse

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BlockTEST is proud to announce a new release of our Greenhouse smart contract development platform. With Greenhouse we aim to bridge the gap between enterprises looking for blockchain solutions and the developer community who can build those solutions. We see the next major phase of blockchain adoption coming from enterprises who don’t want to be disrupted by this new wave of innovation. BlockTEST has created Greenhouse to accelerate this next wave, and we are cultivating a developer community to spearhead our push for adoption. Since blockchain is such a nascent field, developers in the industry span a wide range of expertise. In order to accommodate for this, we have built Greenhouse as a platform for innovation and education around blockchain applications. Our platform provides testing tools for developers building applications on Ethereum and Quorum (support for Hyperledger and Neo coming soon). These tools allow users to view the performance, security, and scalability metrics of their smart contracts in a controlled environment, allowing them to iterate and improve. Novice Solidity developers can take advantage of our simple blockchain use-case tutorials as well. These tutorials provide step-by-step walk-throughs of basic blockchain solutions to help users understand how this new disruptive technology works. This is a great way for programmers to get their feet wet with smart contracts in a simple project-based manner. Greenhouse is a free platform for developers to optimize their smart contracts to ensure that they are production-ready, and for newcomers to begin learning about creating decentralized applications. Start building at and let us know what you think!

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Chris Ward

01 Mar 19


This article was originally published on on December 14th, 2018. Startup’s Inaugural Competition Promotes Blockchain Adoption through Co-Innovation After 60 days of friendly virtual competition, BlockTEST announced the close of HealthChainHack , their inaugural competition which saw a crossover between the healthcare industry and blockchain technologies. Judges deliberated over the competition’s submissions, some of which were developed across borders in this online global challeng