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Announcing Ahnboard.io — The Trusted Onboarding & Support Platform for Decentralized Applications

By now, we are all acutely aware of the usability challenges that face decentralized applications. Where centralized web architecture has a created a host of intuitive design patterns and a familiar user experience flow, the decentralized world has lagged — with usability as the trade off. Users are expected to adopt a whole new paradigm — plunge into an unknown world of gas, MetaMask, wrapped ETH, “Token Allowance”, hardware wallets, and dozens of other technical jargon-fueled crypto concepts.

Introducing Ahnboard.io

Ahnboard’s mission is to onboard, educate, and support the end users of the decentralized economy. To support this vision Ahnboard is rolling out two products:

  • Ahnboard Support (Alpha)— This is an embedded chat widget that outsources your dApp’s support to utilize Ahnboard’s world class support agents. We are launching Ahnboard Support today. Get started with a free three day trial of 24/7/365 world class support.

  • Ahnboard Flow — Can’t say too much here yet, but we’re excited for what’s next! Ahnboard is chain-agnostic. While our initial efforts are geared towards supporting dApps built on Ethereum, we foresee aiding many types of apps in the future — dApps built on other chains, lightning applications, atomic swap focused apps, and apps we cannot even conceive of yet.

    Initial Support Research

    From our initial research looking at 0x relayers, NFT / collectibles marketplaces, and games built on Ethereum, about 80% of dApp support issues can be solved ahead of ticket time. Most issues are caused by a misunderstanding of general crypto concepts like gas or wrapped ETH— not due to app-specific errors. Through in-app, preemptive, and timely support responses, Ahnboard Support helps alleviate the overwhelming first time experience many new users face — helping drive more conversions and active users for your dApp. Let us handle your support while you build.

    Say hello

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ahnboard

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