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Ðappboard : The next generation of blockchain explorer

We have released Ðappboard a couple of weeks now. We hope you had a chance to explore and check your favorites DApps here on our explorer .

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We are here for the long run

Our interest in blockchain started beginning 2017. As we didn’t want to put our money in speculation without understanding what was going on. We decided first to invest in educating ourself to better understand the technology. The amount of information is huge and everyday there are many new things to learn. From our reading, we started to share our knowledge on smart contract programming on . > We decided first to invest in educating ourself to better understand the technology.

Meantime, we started working on some awesome projects helping companies to bring alive their blockchain project. We did smart contract development, audit & security. We helped companies in their ICO preparation & Digital Token Creation. It’s during this period that the idea of an analytic application to make sense of all the data from smart contract started to emerge . Tired of always developing the same tool for our clients to get statistics on their smart contracts and searching to have more than a list of transactions in plain text available on the traditional blockchain explorers. We started working on ETHlytics since November 2017 as a side project. We finally decided to change the name to Ðappboard .

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What is Ðappboard?

Ðappboard is a web analytics service designed to monitor, analyse smart contracts activities . Ðappboard has a public interface to display DApps statistics which help you to understand the performance of each DApp. We track all transactions, events, then process all the data to extract volume, balance, numbers of users of a decentralized application etc..
All the key metrics help find the most active DApps and understand each smart contract performance.

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In addition to the public interface, we also provide individual projects custom dashboards that help each project to understand how people interact with their application and who are the users.

What is next?

Since the release of our alpha, the feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal so far. We have a lot of ideas we would love to explore to bring you more value with Ðappboard. As always, we love hearing from our users and the creators of DApp .

What is the feature would you like to see most on the Ðappboard?

Welcome to the club

Should you have any questions on how we could create custom dashboards that help for your Dapp to understand who are your users and how they interact with your application , contact us at

You can find out more at

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