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POSTED 08 Feb 2019 02:03

Build with Set Protocol at ETHDenver

Richard Liang

The Set Protocol team is excited to be sponsoring ETHDenver 2019, which will be our sixth

ETHGlobal event as attendees or sponsors. At ETHDenver last year, our team participated as hackers and built Kitty Crates , a basket of CryptoKitties represented as an ERC-721!

Our overall amazing experience at ETHDenver 2018 led us to participate and sponsor many more of these events last year. We came away thoroughly impressed by the quality of projects that incorporated the Set Developer Platform , including:

  • Bündler , the first functional Set issuance relayer built by the 0x team at ETHBerlin.

  • Primotif , a multi- DeFi platform for buying and selling Sets of dYdX futures and Augur predictions using the 0x relayer built at ETHSF.

  • DepoSet , an app that allows anyone to acquire Sets in one-click using Kyber Network liquidity built at ETHSingapore. We want to build off the momentum of these past hackathons, and foster the continued growth of Set and maturation of the greater DeFi ecosystem. At ETHDenver, our Set Protocol contracts will be live on MainNet for the first time and be available for anyone to build applications for real users! To encourage everyone’s best work, we will be sponsoring several bounties for teams building on Set (more details to be announced soon). Make sure to take a look at our wish lists from ETHSingapore or ETHSF to get started thinking.

We’re Here to Help

Our entire team will be available at our booth to answer any questions, help you get started using our API , or just chat about what we are working on at Set Protocol. If you have any questions already, start a conversation with our team any time on Telegram . The final wave of applications for ETHDenver closes January 31st so apply today if you haven’t already.

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