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POSTED 22 Feb 2019 02:55

ETH Dev Tools

Aidan Musnitzky

Project Name

ETH Dev Tools

Note - we are pursuing work on this project and plan to release something on the Chrome store soon - sign up to be notified when it's ready! -

Project Tagline/Description (140 Characters Max. Will be used on table card for judging)

A chrome dev tools plugin with multiple modules to let users monitor and to help smart contract developers debug directly from their dapps.

Team Members. First and Last Names

  • Aidan Musnitzky
  • Billy Rennekamp
  • Theo Ephraim ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)

  • Aidan Musnitzky: musnit // Concerned Lightblue Husky // 0x04b2efa7a9f514b1414b9734bdfe6434f82c6aa5fa453ddd2c671fd3b14350a940f9643faabb1a84e1b4de2e6c5c29764e62b172b83b6ed979a2acf7fb7d02c32b

  • Billy Rennekamp: okwme // Medium Digital Roan // 0x041c3410ff2951360f8275906876e4d1fb1b2fb82ac0d5a94ec462bc093c9bf00a1fc913328932272fc424b4717001229a6bad0eb4319524523ab7c582fa8fe80b

  • Theo Ephraim: -

Detailed Project Description (no more than 3-4 sentences)

ETH Dev tools is a chrome developer tools extension that acts like a swiss-army knife for dapp developers and curious users. The extension appears in a chrome inspector tab and comes with various modules that introspect the current dapp you're using. The plugin is easily extensible for additional tools but already comes with 4 fully functional modules:

  • Logs — A network inspector that shows logs and details of all network interactions between your dapp and your RPC endpoint via the web3.js provider including request timing, parameter inputs and return values.
  • ABI Explorer — This section keeps a list of all contracts the dapp has loaded and scaffolds boilerplate forms based on the ABIs of those contracts. The autogenerated UI gives you access to all contract methods ready to be queried with calls and sends—similar to what's possible with Remix or a verified contract on Etherscan, but without the context switching or compilation.
  • GraphQL Explorers — A GraphQL explorer that comes pre-populated with Infura's EthQL endpoints as well as all of the most popular The Graph subgraphs including Uniswap, ENS, Dharma and others. These endpoints come with sample queries ready to ping all the most relevant and highly available content. There's also the option to add a custom endpoint for easy access to any other available datasets.
  • Watcher — A tool for monitoring activity on any wallet address or contract. This service is provided by a websocket proxy listening for webhooks from SALT's Meerkat. It's easy to subscribe or unsubscribe to this data with a simple UI and websocket support from an Heroku instance.

Describe your tech stack (e.g., protocols, languages, API’s, etc.)

  • Javascript, Chrome Extension / Developer Tools, Vue.js/Vuex/React
  • Test Dummy Dapp with web3.js/truffle (Javascript) and Solidity
  • Golang Webhook and Websocket proxy deployed on Heroku

Track for which you’re submitting (Open or Impact)


All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

1) The Graph - Best usage of The Graph
We put a GraphQL playground directly into the chrome inspector developer tools, adding it right where dapp developers have the easiest access in the most convenient, context-specific place. We also added an assortment of pre-populated examples with all of subgraphs currently featured by The Graph allowing users to quickly switch between subgraphs and example queries all from the comfort of their own dapp and development environment.

2) Infura - Powered by EthQL
We put a GraphQL playground directly into the chrome inspector developer tools, adding it right where dapp developers have the easiest access in the most convenient, context-specific place. We also added an assortment of pre-populated example Infura EthQL queries to make it super quick and easy to get at different blockchain query types. Being part of a bigger set of tools also means we have the transactions ids, accounts and dapp contract addresses that are currently in context for a developer or user right there to be plugged into queries.

3) SALT - Meerkats Watch
We added a module to allow developers and dapp users to create and delete subscriptions to wallet and contract addresses with Meerkat. Targeting dapp developers working on a particular contract, or dapp users playing with a contract, they have an in-browser tool that gives them a pane to create subscriptions and watch activity for the particular dapp contracts or accounts they are browsing. Our tool also adds real-time websocket functionality to Meerkat by hosting a web hook to web socket proxy service that allows webhook messages to be routed through a websocket back to the plugin. This means that users can receive the notifications in real time while using/developing any dapp, right in their browser.

A link to all your source code on a public repo (i.e. Github)