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POSTED 24 Jan 2019 00:53

Kauri Importer Guidelines

Wil Barnes

Kauri importer

Guidelines on importing to markdown in Kauri

Importing your documentation to Kauri

Link to the tool: https://import.beta.kauri.io
Link to the beta: https://beta.kauri.io
Link to website: https://kauri.io

  • Step 1: input your Medium user profile or publication URL, and click 'GET ARTICLES'

    • (1) Medium user profile (e.g. 'https://medium.com/@kauri_io')
    • (2) Medium publication (e.g. 'https://blog.kauri.io')
    • (3) Single Medium article (e.g. 'https://media.consensys.net/the-forgotten-side-of-decentralization-f713aaa8c8b4')
  • Step 2: select which articles you would like to import to draft on Kauri, and click 'IMPORT'

    • the selected articles will then be imported, and once complete, can be viewed in Kauri in the 'My Draft' tab
  • Step 3: we highly suggest reviewing your imported draft articles via Kauri's 'preview' feature to ensure the article's HTML to Markdown conversion was completed successfully

  • To publish, once you've previewed your content and ensured the formatting is correct, simply click 'PUBLISH ARTICLE' located in the top right of the page

Things to be aware of

  • The tool will import tweets and embedded youtube videos; if you use another video hosting service, such as vimeo, please update the links to your embedded videos in the Kauri editor when the article is in draft stage
  • Importing a large amount of articles can take up to 15-20 minutes
General Comments
Kendall Cole

Wordpress importer coming soon!

6 months ago