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POSTED 17 Feb 2019 02:58



Important: You MUST add a tag (at the top, under Title) for each bounty you'd like to submit to. Your project will not be considered for any bounties unless they are tagged. Click "ADD TAG", type "bounty" and select the desired bounty from the list. If you'd like to apply to more than 6 bounties, please add the first 6 as tags, add the details for all of them (max of 10) here, and contact the Kauri team ( to notify them of all 10 bounties you'd like to be considered for. These instructions can be deleted.

Project Name


Project Tagline/Description (140 Characters Max. Will be used on table card for judging)

Talk to a friend or enemy while trading crypto, easy!

Team Members. First and Last Names

Shirlyn Prabahar ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)


Detailed Project Description (no more than 3-4 sentences)

Want an easy way to find out how your cryptocurrency portfolio is doing? Or how about really fast insights and an easy way to make purchases, all from your phone? CryptoMessenger now brings you a natural language Messenger bot that'll do all of this--try asking it how Bitcoin is doing today or telling it to buy Ethereum!

Describe your tech stack (e.g., protocols, languages, API’s, etc.)

I'm using the Coincap API for getting historical and current prices and drawing insights from these and the ShapeShift API for making purchases straight from messenger. I'm also using Schmavery's Facebook chat API, and Dialogflow for NLP on the chat. The project was built with Node.js.

Track for which you’re submitting (Open or Impact)


All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

Shapeshift and Coincap APIs incorporated!

A link to all your source code on a public repo (i.e. Github)