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POSTED 12 Aug 2019 17:32

Join the Community Ambassador Program! (up to $3k in bounty funding)

Kauri Team

Apply here!

Check out our first community, Ethereum for Java Developers. This community is led by team members from PegaSys, Web3Labs, IOBuilders, and our very own Greg Jeanmart and Craig Williams.

The Ethereum community is moving rapidly, with new tools, projects, protocols, and libraries launching every day. While this speed of development is exciting, it can be overwhelming for both new and experienced Ethereum developers to find up to date and accurate information.

Kauri aims to create a set of resources to help developers quickly understand what they can build with Ethereum and related web3 tools. This involves a combination of education, demonstration, and discovery. It requires input and help from a community of contributors, technical, non-technical, and everyone in-between. To further the process of building these communities, we're excited to announce the Community Ambassador Program!

The goal of the program is to enable community members to identify, create and curate the quality technical content necessary for developers to succeed in building web3-enabled applications and dApps. We believe this requires designating members the Ambassador of a content area, and providing them with resources, feedback, and exposure.

Community Ambassadors will receive the following:

  • Up to $3,000 USD as a bounty pool to help seed content, with the potential for additional funding in the future

  • Editorial control over their designated Kauri Community, and the ability to appoint additional moderators

  • Regular help, editing, and feedback from the Kauri team and our technical writers

  • Weekly office Hours with top developers and writers from Kauri, ConsenSys, and the wider ecosystem

  • Exposure through the Kauri marketing channels, and partner newsletters

Here’s what we’re expecting from our Community Ambassadors:

  • Manage content for a community, including:

    • Planning the structure of the content to maximize developer success

    • Identifying and filling content gaps

    • Writing and editing content

    • Sourcing and curating existing content

  • Organizing content for targeted developer groups (e.g entry level/ foundational, intermediate, advanced)

  • Organize the community home page

  • Organize articles into collections

  • Recruit writers to the community

  • Manage community moderators and admins

  • Keeping the community up to date with latest trends and developments

  • Promote the community in social channels, community hot spots (Discord, Discourse, Telegram, etc)

Examples of communities we’d love to see: (Note: this list is not comprehensive, and we’d love suggestions!)

  • Ethereum for Python developers

  • Decentralized Finance

  • Privacy and Cryptography

  • Scaling (Sharding, State Channels, ETH 2.0, SideChains)

  • Solidity and Vyper

  • EVM

If this sounds interesting, please apply here!

General Comments
Sirani McNeill

Is this available only for US residents or for anyone globally to take part in this program?

3 months ago