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POSTED 11 Jul 2019 16:01

Communities for DeFi, Scaling, Privacy and More

Kauri Team

Our goal at Kauri is to enable the creation of killer discovery and onboarding experiences to web3-related projects. We’re excited to announce the newest version of Kauri, which we believe is a big step forward in this journey!

Currently, if you want to collaborate on an article with a friend, one of you must assume the role of the sole author/owner, and the other must submit updates which must be approved. Similarly, if you’re working on a series of articles, a decision must be made for the owner of the collection containing these articles. Well, starting next week, that’s no longer true!

Introducing, Communities!

Kauri Communities are essentially multi-player mode for articles and collections. Instead of designating an individual as an owner, you can invite your friends/team to join a Community, and then create and assign articles and collections to that Community. Any members (we’ll define this shortly) can then make changes to these articles and collections, and publish them immediately! And don’t worry, non-members can still contribute via the permissioned update flow, and you can promote your most prolific fans to moderators!

Additionally, each Community can have a curated Home Page, providing your readers with a tailored experience!

How It Works

  • An initial administrator creates a Community with a few details (name, description, icon, tags)
  • A smart contract containing community metadata and the administrator’s Ethereum address is deployed to the POA network sidechain
  • Once the transaction is mined (usually under 5 seconds!), the administrator can begin adding articles and collections to the Community
  • The administrator can promote moderators to administrators, invite new moderators to join the Community via email, and remove moderators
  • Confirmed moderators can add, edit, and publish new articles and collections to the Community
  • Administrators can add a Home Page to the Community, curating and organizing Community articles and collections

To get a sneak peek of how to use them, check out this article

This is only the beginning of Kauri Communities. We have a lot of plans going forward, and look forward to seeing what you do with this!

Also, we have something very exciting in the works to support our earliest Community Leaders. Keep an eye out for next Monday!