Full Stack dApp Tutorial Series - Intro - Kauri
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POSTED 29 Oct 2018 14:42

Full Stack dApp Tutorial Series - Intro

Josh Cassidy


In this series, we'll build a simple dApp (decentralised application).   We'll introduce all the different pieces of the tech stack and tools you can use to build a dApp.   The dApp will simply allow any user to issue a bounty in ETH

  • Any user with an Ethereum account can Issue a bounty in ETH with the requirements

  • Any user can submit a fulfillment of the bounty with evidence

  • The bounty issuer can accept a fulfilment which would result in the fulfiller being paid out


  1. You're a software engineer, hacker, etc. You understand systems and architecture and the fundamentals of software programming

  2. You understand the concepts of blockchain and have a basic knowledge of Ethereum. If not, watch the "Ethereum in 25 minutes" video below, read the Ethereum whitepaper, and read the ETH 101 Series


All tutorials within this series are accompanied by code examples which can be found in the following github repository:


Ethereum in 25 minutes

  • Intro

  • Prerequisites

  • Resources:

  • Ethereum in 25 minutes