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POSTED 03 May 2018 02:35

Moderator Guide


Before we can set up your team and project on Kauri, we'll need the following information:

  • List of email addresses, Rinkeby ETH addresses (both required) of your desired moderators
  • Logo image, URL, and desired colors for your project’s page on Kauri
  • Which license (if any) you would like your content to be listed under
  • We have chosen to default to CC-BY-SA 4.0 for user submitted content through Kauri. This is the default for StackOverflow and Wikipedia, and Wikimedia default to a previous version of this license. CC-BY-SA 4.0 is also one way compatible with GPL v3 If you are dual posting knowledge content on kauri, we can store the original license in the content metadata in IPFS. Please let us know if you have already licensed your content or would like to under a specific license.
  • Relevant link: Github identifies CC-BY-SA 4.0 (our default) as an open license for documentation or knowledge content. GPL v3, MIT, Apache 2 are also common licenses for documentation but we have no limitations, any license can be stored in the content metadata

Creating an Account

Creating an account will allow you to tip articles, request new content, and earn ETH by writing articles.

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Set MetaMask to the “Rinkeby” network
  3. Enter email (will be kept private, used for notifications) and username (will be publicly associated with your ETH address)
  4. After hitting submit, click “Sign” on the MetaMask popup to complete the signup process (note: this is not a transaction, and will not cost you any ETH)

Getting Started

To start using Kauri, we recommend beginning with our Getting Started on Kauri guide.

Giving Away Real ETH and ERC20 While Kauri is on Rinkeby

If you'd like to reward your community with real ETH or tokens for their hard work (which we recommend!) while Kauri is on the testnet, you can do so through our partner StandardBounties is a fully-audited and tested contract on mainnet that supports bounties in ETH or ERC20 tokens.
Creating a bounty on is simple.

  • Navigate to
  • Switch MetaMask to “Main Ethereum Network”
  • Enter a title, include “[Kauri Competition]” at the end e.g. “Attestations in uPort with React.js [Kauri Competition]”
  • Use the following description template:

# Bounty title (Kauri Competition)

This bounty is a part of the Kauri technical content competition. Please submit entries through []

# Description
- description 1
- description 2
- description 3

# Requirements
A correct submission will:
- requirement 1
- requirement 2
- requirement 3

# Claiming the Bounty
- Enter the same username and email used for your Kauri account
- Include the link to your approved and published article on Kauri in the “Submission Description and Comments” (e.g.
- Click “Submit”, sign the transaction using MetaMask, and wait to receive your reward!
The bounty amounts on Kauri and do not have to match, as bounties on Kauri are using Rinkeby ETH for now

  • Select the same bounty deadline as your desired Kauri deadline
  • Select “When to Activate”. We recommend “Now”
  • When ready, click “Create”
  • Create a corresponding bounty on Kauri (same title and description), including the link to your mainnet bounty from!

Creating a Request

To create a new request for content, click on the “Create Request” button on the right side of the navigation bar.
You can choose any topic (though we recommend yours!), and from several categories (Tutorial, Walkthrough, etc.). We recommend being as descriptive as possible about the content you'd like to see, as well as including details of the acceptance criteria (if applicable). Next, choose a deadline. Keep in mind you need to leave time for several stages of review, and avoid short deadlines when possible. Finally, select the bounty reward in ETH. For this, we recommend reviewing the amounts suggested in other requests.Once you're satisfied with your request, click “Submit Request”. You will be asked by MetaMask for a signature, and then to sign and complete a transaction (submitting the bounty amount to our smart contract).

Approving Article and Rewarding Bounties

Using Kauri as a moderator, you will have an additional tab in the top left navigation bar as “Approvals”. From here, you can view all requests created for your topic, see any submissions to these requests, comment on them, approve them, publish them, and reject them. You can also manage all articles submitted directly (without an associated request).
Each request will have the submitted articles listed just below. Click on an article title to view it.
If you think something can be improved, highlight it, and select “comment”. This will open a comment box across from the highlighted section. Comments will be sent and shown to the author, who can respond inline, or update the article to reflect the requested changes.


Comments are tied to a version of the article, so if the author makes changes, your comments will disappear.
When you are satisfied with the content, select “Approve”. This will initiate a transaction, locking the content hash into the smart contract for later comparison (to ensure the final published content is the same as the content you've just approved). The author will then be directed to “Finalize” the article (with a transaction), at which point you will be able to “Publish” the article, releasing any associated bounty to the author, and publishing the article to your project page! After an article is published, users can search for it, view, and tip it. Tipping is a great way to build a relationship with an active content contributor.

Write an Article

If you'd like to add an article yourself, simply select “Write Article”. Once happy with the content, click “Submit for Review”. After clicking through the confirmation page, you'll be redirected to your profile page. In order to publish the article, you can select the link from your profile page, then click “Submit and Accept Finalised Article”. This will initiate and transaction, and your article will be published!


If you can't find something, or have any feedback, suggestions, comments, or critiques, please reach out! You can find us at, on Twitter, or on the Gitcoin Slack in the #kauri-general channel.

  • Creating an Account

  • Getting Started

  • Giving Away Real ETH and ERC20 While Kauri is on Rinkeby

  • Creating a Request

  • Approving Article and Rewarding Bounties

  • Write an Article

  • Questions?