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POSTED 26 Oct 2018 13:26

Halftime Report! Kauri Content Competition Update


Earn real Mainnet bounties while helping test the Kauri knowledge network on Rinkeby!

We’re incredibly grateful and thrilled to see the warm reception Kauri has received over the past two weeks following our Rinkeby launch. The feedback we’ve received so far has been invaluable and duly noted. Link to Kauri Rinkeby Network :

The Kauri Content Competition has reached its halfway point, and we wanted showcase some of the exciting activity we’ve seen on the network over the past two weeks. As of publishing this blog, there are 51 written articles on the Kauri network and over 25 open requests.

Also, keep the starred requests on your radar: these are real Mainnet bounties made available by our partner the Bounties Network, with real monetary rewards, that are up for grabs to anyone who successfully answers them!

For more information on the Bounties Network:

Article Requests currently awaiting response:

Please use the links within the requests to access the Mainnet bounties. And don’t forget to switch from Rinkeby to Mainnet while accessing the Bounties Network or you will be linked to the incorrect bounty!

Highest Bounty:

Working with a smart contract Operating System bounty:

Toshi User Guide Tutorial Bounty:

Create A uPort Identity on Ganache using a CLI Client Bounty:

Plus many more open requests on .

Lastly, Kauri independently sponsors the following prizes across all articles!

  • Best overall contribution* — $2,500 ETH equivalent

  • Most prolific (most accepted articles) — $1,500 ETH equivalent

  • Most curious (most requests made that are answered) — $1,000 ETH equivalent

  • Quality articles — Kauri swag!

  • Celebration — featured on ConsenSys channels

There are two weeks left to claim these bounties. This is an incredible opportunity to help push forward real project needs, demonstrate your expertise, and potentially earn some money, all while pushing open source collaboration forward.

We hope to see you on the network making requests, answering bounties, earning ether/tokens, and expanding the Ethereum ecosystem’s knowledge base!