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POSTED 26 Oct 2018 13:31

The Ethereum Ecosystem’s Knowledge Base Is Emerging


The Kauri Rinkeby launch competition has concluded! Over the past four weeks, a lot of valuable technical content was generated on the Kauri network, and many participants helped us identify parts of the user experience that we can improve upon.

Thank you to all those who submitted content, requested content, and everyone else who offered us invaluable feedback throughout the Rinkeby launch competition.

Best Overall Contribution and Notable Submissions

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight Erick Kusnadi (alias: handsomecodemonkey) as the winner of best overall contribution and as most prolific writer. For his contributions, he was awarded the equivalent of $4,000 in ETH. In addition to the Kauri sponsored prizes, several MakerDAO project-specific mainnet bounties were fulfilled. Below are the notable submissions that occurred during the Rinkeby launch competition:

The submission of these articles evidences the need for a decentralized network where developers are incentivized to share and profit from their domain expertise. These articles highlight the various workflows and tools that developers are utilizing, and. It further opens up threads for discussion, where best practices can be shared, and where others with similar domain expertise can offer suggestions and feedback where appropriate.

New developers entering the space will have before them an open community with ongoing discussion that they canto leverage, learn from, build on top of, and ultimately contribute to when comfortable.

Final Stats Roundup

As of publishing this competition roundup, 54 total articles have been written on the network. Below are the key metrics recorded during the competition:

Onboard users

  • Goal: 100
  • Actual: 85 (non-team)

Unique page views

  • Goal: 1000
  • Actual: 1400

Onboard key providers

  • Goal: 5
  • Actual: 9

Generate quality requests

  • Goal: 15
  • Actual: 26 (15 with mainnet ETH/ERC20)

Generate content (articles)

  • Goal: 10
  • Actual: 8, 2 rewarded with bounties, 1 submitted and not accepted

Lessons Learned and Improvements on the Horizon

Article updating and versioning: We identified early on that Kauri lacks a mechanism to update articles, and so we are diligently working on introducing an article versioning mechanism to resolve this primary issue.

Improved editor experience: We are exploring changes that will implement Markdown language compatibility and we fully intend to continue smoothing out the user experience.

Improved approval process and introduction of non-approval publishing: We are looking to improve the article approval process between contributor and moderator to be more smooth and user-friendly.

Keep Exploring: Kauri Still Live on Rinkeby, Active Bounties and Ether Rewards

Our most salient observation is that projects that devoted more time towards interacting with their contributors reaped the most meaningful content. We find this interesting and reaffirming, as we designed Kauri to flourish as a community. We really wanted to emphasize collaboration within the Ethereum development ecosystem and we are ecstatic to see some interesting contributor / requestor dynamics emerging.

Although the competition is over, 86 bounties with real ether rewards are still available for anyone to claim on the network. Kauri is still live on Rinkeby! Looking for answers to Web3 development questions?

Want to contribute to high-profile projects in the ecosystem, like MetaMask, Dharma, Aragon, and Zeppelin? Access Kauri and explore the Ethereum community’s self-organized knowledge base. It’s emerging.