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POSTED 21 May 2018 23:56

New Topic Requests and Moderator Onboarding Process


Kauri is here for the community to help each other use existing components and protocols more effectively. Kauri becomes more useful as more topics are written about and interconnections between projects are made. Initially we are being careful to only let high quality projects onto kauri to maintain standards and make sure early users are engaging with technology that they can develop with today.


The basic criteria for creating a new topic on kauri are the following:
  1. There are usable components or protocols publicly live (test or mainnet), which users can utilise in developing or running dapps
  2. The project has some initial documentation or a read me
  3. The project has an active community
  4. The project maintainers are willing to engage in topic moderation*
  5. Preference, in early stages, given to projects committed to OpenSource *A note on moderation: We are exploring ways to make moderation less rigid by building in mechanisms like curation markets. In our first iteration all topic need one or several moderators from the project maintainers.

Process for adding a new topic to kauri

  1. Fill in the request form on [link], see questions below for reference
  2. Await approval assuming the request has fulfilled the criteria above
  3. Create and customize topic page and select initial content to post to kauri
  4. Onboard moderator(s), need at least one moderator from core team and sign off on all moderators from core team

Question areas in new topic request form

  • Topic/Project Name
  • URL
  • Project Type
  • Description
  • Status (Is the project live or available for use)
  • URLs of documentation, tutorials, guides
  • Estimated number of users
  • Ability of project maintainers to moderate
  • Knowledge available to be published to kauri at first
  • Project colors and logo
  • Introduction

  • Requirements

  • Process for adding a new topic to kauri

  • Question areas in new topic request form