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POSTED 03 Sep 2018 16:32


Kauri Team

Hi volunteers! First of all, thank you for supporting ETHBerlin, our community and the whole ecosystem. Volunteering is a very important role that makes those kind of events possible in the first place.

In order to prepare for the event and get up to speed quickly, please read all awesome ETHBerlin material that is out there beforehand: Medium, Website and Knowledge Base. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Code of Volunteer

You are volunteering at ETHBerlin, so your main focus is to support the organization of the event to ensure that our great hackers can buidl incredible things during these intense days. Of course there will be time and place for you to inhale the vibe, talk to other participants and enjoy the event. Pease do so! But keep in mind that supporting others and the ensuring a smooth experience for everybody will be your first priority during the event.

Be available and welcoming: As a volunteer, you are there to help. You agree to be available during your shifts to everybody who has a problem, needs information or help. Of course, sleep, eat, and rest :) But be available and friendly to everybody.

Volunteer Sub-Roles

Below you can find the volunteer sub-roles which summarize all the tasks that need to be covered.

  • Helpdesk & Registration answering general questions, checking the participants in, badge checkers for incoming attendees, being available at the front desk

  • Roaming Helpers & On-Site Checkers Walking around the event making sure everyone is being helped, especially hackers, answering any questions inside the event and taking care of special rooms like the culture room, the mentor room, the judges room etc.

  • Stagehands Assisting the stage crew, assisting speakers, make sure everything runs smooth backstage

  • Production & Sponsor Support Assist the sponsors with the set-up of their tables and make sure their needs are fulfilled, taking care of making ad-hoc arrangements to the venue and helping with general tasks

What you do NOT need to take care of:

  • Wifi and technical stuff - Factory has specialized staff taking care of this
  • Food - We have organized with Factory all food-related stuff including the handout of food at all times and the restocking of drinks

Communication during the event

In the last e-mail, you got the link to our volunteer orga Riot chat. If you can't find it, please send your Riot handle to one of the volunteer leads. They will then add you to the channel.

We have a general community chat already! Find us on Status in the #ethberlin channel.

Volunteering Onsite Leads

Simon and Daniel will be there over the weekend for any questions you have or problems you cannot solve on your own.

Shift Scheduling & Volunteer Specific information

We will finish the shift scheduling about 1 week prior to the event and you will receive it via e-mail together before the prep call on 29th. Special information like floorplans, etc. will be sent to volunteers before the event or handed out in our prep meeting on September 7th.

  • Code of Volunteer

  • Volunteer Sub-Roles

  • Communication during the event

  • Volunteering Onsite Leads

  • Shift Scheduling & Volunteer Specific information