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POSTED 29 Oct 2018 14:33

Share Your Ethereum Knowledge and Write for Kauri

Chris Ward

Kauri is committed to improving the developer experience in the Ethereum ecosystem, from the first entry point and “Hello World” Dapps, to advanced development, and experimental research topics like generalized state channels and plasma. We believe this requires engaged communities of developers, technical writers, and curators working together to create and maintain high-quality documentation and tutorials.

To kickstart the creation of guides and onboarding materials critical to the ecosystem, we're excited to announce a $25,000 USD grant program for technical content from the Ethereum Foundation Grants program.

Starting today, we're accepting applications for tutorial series on the following topics. We will consider submissions on other topics related to building with the Web3 stack.


Layer 2 Scaling

  • Generalized State Channels
  • Plasma/Plasma Cash
  • Sidechains

Cryptoeconomic Primitives

  • Token-Curated Registries (TCRs)
  • Bonding Curves
  • Staking

Advanced Introductory Tutorials

  • Assembly in Solidity
  • Ethereum for Golang Developers
  • Ethereum for Rust Developers


  • 0x with ERC721s
  • Cryptoitems with ERC1155
  • Composables (ERC998)

Edge Topics

  • eWASM
  • Sharding

What we offer

Aside from helping people understand how to build in the Ethereum ecosystem, we offer the following:

Interested? What to do next

Submit a proposal to including:

  • Proposed title
  • Structure
  • Why you want to write this
  • Why someone should read this
  • Contact details

The content should be technically focussed, and in most cases include code examples (though not needed for the proposal).

For an example of the content we are looking for, read our series on full stack dapp creation.


Email: Twitter: @kauri_io Slack: Write the docs community | Gitcoin slack #kauri-general

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  • What we offer

  • Interested? What to do next

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