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POSTED 26 Oct 2018 13:18

Kauri is Kicking Off Rinkeby Launch with a Competition


Although Ethereum has 30 times more developers than the next blockchain community, the technical expertise of our talented and enthusiastic ecosystem is often still fragmented or locked up. We need an infrastructure that helps us gather and curate the best resources for building on Ethereum. Kauri is committed to enabling that knowledge base. We are developing a decentralized resource-sharing network for Ethereum, on Ethereum, that will help the Web3 community work together to learn fast and build better.

We are thrilled to announce that on May 3rd, we will officially launch Kauri on the Rinkeby testnet. To celebrate our launch, we’re kicking off a Four Week Technical Content Competition to help the community curate the highest quality and most up-to-date technical resources on Ethereum.

Competition Overview: Contributions, Project Bases, and Prizes

The competition starts May 3rd and will run on the Rinkeby testnet until May 31st. Users will be able to interact with and become familiar with Kauri by using Rinkeby test ether, and content contributors have the opportunity to win prizes. And do not fear! Content submitted to Kauri while on the Rinkeby testnet will persist when the network goes live on the Ethereum mainnet. We pin your content to IPFS, so your valuable contributions will be in safekeeping. A diverse set of Ethereum projects will be making their knowledge bases available to the public on the Kauri network. Confirmed projects so far include MetaMask, Toshi, Dharma, Ethereum Name Service, uPort, Aragon, and Zeppelin. Each project participant will be able to publish some or all of their knowledge materials for the rest of the community, anything from FAQ documents to tutorials to user guides. Many project participants are also sponsoring bounties and prizes for high-quality technical content from users on the Kauri network. Individual participants are encouraged to engage others, ask clarifying questions, contribute resources, offer feedback, and test drive the network. At the end of the competition, participating users will be eligible to receive the following Kauri sponsored prizes:

  • Best overall contribution* — $2,500 ETH equivalent

  • Most prolific (most accepted articles) — $1,500 ETH equivalent

  • Most curious (most requests made that are answered) — $1,000 ETH equivalent

  • Quality articles — Kauri swag!

  • Celebration — featured on ConsenSys channels

  • Kauri team favorite. We will also be keeping a close eye on tips and feedback from participating projects.

All prize amounts will be the May 3rd daily high value on GDAX.

Quality articles are selected by the Kauri team and participating projects. These prizes are completely subjective.

Participating projects are also sponsoring prizes for their project knowledge bases, looking for general articles, tutorials, and video tutorials! We will be announcing these prizes with participating projects ahead of the competition.

How to Participate

First things first: make sure you download MetaMask , which is a browser extension and your own personal gateway to Ethereum. As this is Kauri’s Rinkeby testnet launch, all users will need to use Rinkeby test ether when interacting with Kauri at this stage. Rinkeby test ether can be obtained at .

On the Kauri network, participants can search for tutorials, examples, and documentation on libraries, developer tools, blockchain clients, application protocols, and any other topics of interest. If you cannot find something in particular, make a request for that content! What’s the tutorial you’ve been looking for but could never find? As requests come in across the network, knowledge gaps will be surfaced and projects and users can respond.

If you have domain expertise, you can respond to requests, contribute to the community, and even win prizes. Your contributions will be attributed to you in perpetuity through the Ethereum blockchain (we’ll make sure that attribution carries over when we move to mainnet). Other users can reward you for your contributions with tips (first in Rinkeby test ether and then actual Ether on mainnet). We’ll be keeping a close eye on who’s receiving the most tips!

Remember, users are not restricted to any one role and are actually encouraged to experiment with the spectrum of activities on the network. We designed Kauri to be a place where community members can autonomously shuffle between learning, contributing, and curating.

We hope participants will use the Rinkeby launch and Content Competition as an opportunity to put Kauri to the test and make suggestions for new functionality. We have a lot of work ahead to make Kauri as useful for the Ethereum community as possible and we’ll be listening carefully to your feedback. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

Sign up here to stay tuned for updates on prizes, project sponsors, and network features in the countdown to our Rinkeby launch and competition. If you are interested in becoming a project participant, please email us at or visit our website at .

  • Competition Overview: Contributions, Project Bases, and Prizes

  • How to Participate