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POSTED 19 Nov 2018 22:35

Witnet Monthly Report — June 2018


Today we want to share what we have been up to over the last month, the challenges we have met and the progress we have made towards our first milestone: the Witnet prototype .

💰 Fundraising

We’ve now finalized the accounting of the WIT token pre-sale . These are the figures:

  • 250M WIT tokens were pre-sold for $7,593,514.62

  • The price per token was $0.030374058 This gives us a healthy runway, enough to hit our next milestones :

  • Prototype: September 2018.

  • Testnet: January 2019

  • Mainnet Launch: Q4 2019 Also, during our sale we have agreed on partnership with amazing teams : Reflective Ventures, the RChain VC arm, who contributed $3M; Aragon and district0x.

💜 Team

During June we’ve introduced you to Mario , a full-stack engineer and scrum master who has joined our technical team to contribute to the development of the protocol. We’ve also been lucky to have a full-stack developer join our team over the past weeks. You’ll get to know more about him soon through our Team Insights .

We still have open positions , so if you are aware of the impact a decentralized oracle network will have on the crypto landscape, be sure to check them out!

🔧 Product

Sheikah prototype (Witnet desktop wallet app + smart contracts IDE)

  • The app backend is close to done , and we’ve been refactoring some ciritical parts to achieve rock solid stability and performance.

  • Work on the app UI has started and is progressing at a brisk pace.

  • The source code for our private key exchange format ( SatoshiLab’s SLIP-0032 ) has been isolated into a separate open source library , which we have already released on npm .

  • Modesty aside, code quality this far is top notch . Every minute we spent improving our automated testing and QA setup is truly paying off!

witnet-rust (Witnet full node implementation)

  • As Sheikah’s development is advancing well, we are starting to shift our focus towards starting to accelerate the development of witnet-rust .

That’s what we’ve been working on over the last month! Please let us know what you think of the recent developments by sharing your thoughts with the team.

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