Rhombus has your oracle needs covered at ETHDenver - Kauri
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POSTED 06 Feb 2019 07:43

Rhombus has your oracle needs covered at ETHDenver


New Releases

We have a few treats coming in hot next week, just in time for developers to unleash their creativity at the ETHDenver hackathon:

  1. Rhombus will unveil a Truffle Box that lets you test against our oracles in your local environment.

  2. We will provide lighthouse oracle contracts that you can use to inject quality data into your project's contracts.

  3. If you come to our booth, we can even build you a custom oracle to match your project needs.

Learn more about these developments here.

About us

Rhombus provides the most reliable and efficient oracle platform on the market today. We connect your smart contract with real-world metrics. Access custom off-chain computing and the industry's highest-grade security. No matter what data your decentralized application needs, Rhombus has you covered.

Learn more

To understand the Rhombus API, read about our activation/delivery methods, and explore detailed examples with code, please visit http://docs.rhombus.network/#rhombus-api-reference

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