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Balanced Crypto Portfolios with built-in investment capabilities automation

Project Name

Balanced Crypto Portfolios with built-in investment capabilities automation.

Project Tagline/Description (140 Characters Max. Will be used on table card for judging)

Automated balanced portfolios hedged against DAI with investment capabilities to get returns from loans repayments from Aave.

Team Members. First and Last Names

  • Anibal Catalan
  • Leonardo Lower
  • Manuel Garcia ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)

  • mgarciap.statusfus.eth
  • 0x04f546c1b45cd44aa501587d95871477003acd07371dc9aa1f1ff6fb8c4259bcab815e21751d3c979f59818cb92207a92e29b8d57d8d300648e49f2c2db6efbd2e
  • 0x040f01b564d27ceddf7155f927c3b86944186a46688d9aa083721e0b261eddd4ce825ea17a83af8c17c43b58f330e1473496f3c0625b8a3f8b861d2692e09ab798

Detailed Project Description (no more than 3-4 sentences)

Hedge your crypto portfolio and lower overall risk due to volatility and correlational behavior by moving out part of it into a stable asset: MakerDAO DAI.

Build a balanced portfolio, we will rebalance it for you.

Don't stop there, invest some DAI into a fund which will invest by funding loans in EthLend based on clear rules (eg.: amount, duration, MPR, LTV, etc).

Get returns from the loans repayments.

We provide you with bots and brokers that will take care of rebalancing and investing on the right loans.

Describe your tech stack (e.g., protocols, languages, API’s, etc.)

  • #deFi protocols: MakerDAO DAI and Aave
  • Wallets watching: Salt Meerkat
  • UI: React + web3
  • balancing and investment bot: Javascript + web3
  • API: Javascript
  • Smart contracts: Solidity
  • Swapping tokens:

Track for which you’re submitting (Open or Impact)


All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

  • Avve
  • MakerDAO DAI

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17 Feb 19


Project Name JobSimple Project Tagline/Description Connecting migrant workers and sponsors in a transparent, equal opportunity job marketplace Team Members. First and Last Names Prabhu Velayutham, Tyler Tworek, Steve Ham, Somasundaram Sundaram (Team Name on Registration was Ether-Ore) ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team) 0x04d07c3f39a159d851875cab7289c1c6d40ef264bd7e3fd006dcf2e7357a14988cba659b736c77e0345bf14e23402760c55e712c0ae47092fd302176d8e721f621

Tyler Tworek

17 Feb 19