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Blockchain Meets Healthcare with HealthChainHack

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BlockTEST Announces Hackathon, Collaboration Across Blockchain and Healthcare Industries

Beginning this Saturday, September 22nd, BlockTEST will be hosting HealthChainHack , a virtual blockchain hackathon aiming to translate academic research into pharmaceutical advancement by bringing together coders and healthcare players worldwide for a two-month coding camp.

HealthChainHack will kick off at the close of Unblock the Blockchain , a one-day blockchain and healthcare summit in Cambridge, MA on September 22nd, 2018, and run until winners are announced on November 17th, 2018. Participants are challenged to develop a blockchain platform prototype to address an actual use-case in the healthcare industry. Solutions developed through HealthChainHack are hoped to become the first proven-of-concept blockchain projects to be implemented at scale in the healthcare industry.

HealthChainHack ’s total prize pool value, to be awarded at various points over HealthChainHack ’s two-month timeline, adds up to over $262,000. Google, a confirmed sponsor for the event, has committed $100,000 in cloud credits as a prize for the hackathon’s First Grand Prize winner, plus $3,000 in cloud credits awarded to the first 50 qualified submissions. Additional prizes include six months free startup incubation at Cambridge’s Z-Park Innovation Center. Hackathon winners will be chosen through the combined assessments of an advisory judging panel and an objective evaluation by BlockTEST’s patented testnet. In part, HealthChainHack will serve as the unveiling of said testnet, which BlockTEST developed to provide objective quantitative analysis on blockchain projects. Users will submit their code to the testnet, and receive in return evaluations on their blockchain solution, displayed upon a matrix of measures, such as performance, security, privacy, and consensus mechanisms. BlockTEST will further provide mentors, webinars, and demos over the course of HealthChainHack to guide participants through the competition. Sponsors for HealthChainHack , including Google, XtalPi, NEO and Oasis Labs, have committed over $300,000 to the event. BlockTEST co-founder Jennifer Jiang said, > “HealthChainHack is an incredible opportunity to link an international network of blockchain developers with high-profile academia, mentors, sponsors, investors, and employers with first-hand insights into industry needs. Through HealthChainHack, we hope to provide a prototype structure for a future global blockchain ecosystem that connects the key players in the drug R&D value chain, to facilitate a holistic, integrative and traceable data sharing system, and ultimately to expedite pharmaceutical discovery and development.”

Registration for HealthChainHack remains open until October 20th!

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