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From Will

Why and How We Built the Bounties Network

We began building the Bounties Network in early 2017, and quickly realized that whether it was social media, bugs, or code, across different platforms, there was a very good reason for a standard to exist across all variations. Enter, StandardBounties: a community driven implementation for bounties on Ethereum, which is a collaborative effort among freelancing & incentivization platforms that rely on Ethereum. Although data storage was (and still is) extremely expensive on the Ethereum Mainnet,

Will Villanueva

7 min read

30 Nov 18

How to Get Server Side Rendering Benefits (Unfurling, Indexing, Search-ability) without Building…

You’re not going to hear much about the topic of server side rendering (SSR) from many blockchain startups. If it’s not about a new scaling mechanism, token economic structure, or some other revolutionary idea, you may tune out or keep scrolling. However, there are plenty of things to talk about as a blockchain startup that are not related to the protocol layer or other bleeding edge research. We still face the same problems regular startups have — with a little extra magic. In our case, we were

Will Villanueva

9 min read

30 Nov 18