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Brave and binance browser scandal

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Brave is a new famous browser which has been downloaded millions of times, this is a open source browser that uses blockchain technology such web3 browser, wallet integration, BAT(Basic Attention Token) and more.

But in the last week some users noted that when they write "" or "" in their Brave browser some weird thing happened: Brave browser was changing the binance links to own affiluates links, something like that: "*"....

The user community was complaining becouse Brave is a browser focuses on privacy terms, and inserting ads without warn community is not transparent.

In addition, I think that the most important thing here is Brave is killing websites income, becouse if they change affiliates links to own ref links...where is the website money? There are millions of small websites with great content, the majority websites uses affiliates links to produce some income for their work.

It's not fair that a browser use this for destroy websites incomes and destroy the great internet ecosystem. I think that the profits for creating content correspond to who created it.

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