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Bring Realtime Data into your DApp with Streamr at ETHDenver

Streamr is creating an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s realtime data. Their blockchain-backed data Marketplace and powerful tools put your data back where it belongs.


  • Categorized lists of public data streams
  • Be rewarded for creating, hosting, or validating streams
  • Data aggregation and filtering

Getting Started

Streamr have a lot of projects in their GitHub repositories that you might find useful, but the main starting point for experimenting with Streamr's platform is their visual editor. With the editor you can drag and drop sources of data, processors, outputs, and the connections between them.

For those of you who would rather work with code, read Streamr's API documentation. It offers many of the same features as the editor, but you can assemble in your own projects.

For practical tutorial content, try one of the Streamr tutorials.

Need Help

Streamr have four team members at ETHDenver, with talks and workshops on the schedule, read their blog post to find out more.

You can also ask and answer questions in their Telegram channel.

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