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Chat, browse and transact securely with Status

Status is a mobile first, secure and private messaging client that has chat, browser and wallet functionality. Status aims to create an Ethereum App ecosystem that enables users and developers to interact with DApps as smoothly as possible. Efforts began with mobile apps for iOS and Android, but they recently released a desktop app.

In addition to the apps designed for end users, Status has Embark, a fast, simple and powerful framework to help you develop and deploy Decentralized Applications. It includes features for:

  • Automatic Smart Contract deployment
    • Smart Contract deployment and redeployment as you make changes.
  • Client development
    • Build your application with the JavaScript framework of your choice.
  • Testing
    • Application and Smart Contract testing.
  • Decentralized app distribution
    • Integration with decentralized storage providers such as IPFS or Swarm.
  • Peer-to-peer messaging
    • Send and receive messages via protocols such as Whisper and Orbit.
  • Developer Environments
    • Switch between application settings using different configurations.
  • CLI Dashboard
    • A dashboard full of useful information in your terminal.
  • Asset Pipeline
    • Concatenate and minify CSS and JS files.

Install it with:

npm install -g embark

Then follow the quick start guide, which walks you through creating an interactive demo application.

What's new at ETHDenver

Status extensions are on the bleeding edge of development, and Status is adding new functionality daily.

Prizes and Bounties at ETHDenver

Status is offering up to $5K for the best extensions built during the hackathon.

Where to find more

Team members attending

Chris Hutchinson, Nabil Naghdy, Michael Bradley & Ben Morris

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