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Clearmatics - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description


At Clearmatics, we are designing, building and deploying Ethereum-based peer-to-peer platforms for financial market participants to transact seamlessly and securely without unnecessary intermediaries. We call our approach “decentralised automation”, which combines cryptography, consensus protocols and economic mechanism design to push towards a future state of dFMI (distributed Financial Market Infrastructure).

Bounty 1 Overview: #BUIDL The ION Protocol

Description: With this bounty we want to see how you, the ETHDenver community, can evolve, enhance and further develop the Ion interoperability protocol. To do this we need to write a lot of code, and we can't do it alone! Suggestions include development of new validation contracts for different consensus mechanisms and system-specific storage contracts not just for Ethereum based platforms but for many different blockchains and DLTs.

Additionally, we want improve the Ion we already have and would love to see more general enhancements to the framework in areas such as efficiency or privacy.

Prize Amount: $2,000

Bounty 2 Overview: #BUIDL with ION - dApp Category

Description: Use Ion. We want you to use Ion for any cross-chain use case. Whether it's creating a decentralised exchange, a simple atomic-swap or getting oracle data on-chain the possibilities are endless. You could also use Ion and our client, Autonity, to relay computationally expensive procedures on a side chain. Come up with your own use cases using Ion.

Some Use Case Suggestions: - DEX - Atomic-Swap - Sidechain for scaliblity (Clearmatics Autonity client can be used) - Oracle - Dapp for state transfer visualisation

Prize Amount: $1,000

Bounty 3 Overview: #WOW-ION - Simply, WOW us.

Description: The Ion Interoperability framework allows the transfer of state between systems. The generality allows for many different potential use cases. With this bounty, we want you to WOW us and surprise us in the way you've utilised the framework.

Prize Amount: Four prizes of $500, totaling $2,000

Other Resources: - Ion GitHub - https://github.com/clearmatics/ion - Ion Wiki - https://github.com/clearmatics/ion/wiki - Ion Gitter - https://gitter.im/clearmatics/ion - Clearmatics GitHub - https://github.com/clearmatics

  • Link to the open source code
  • Short readme/explanation of bounty submission

Judging Criteria

We will judge bounty submissions based on the criteria used at ETHSF (Technical, Original, Ambitious, Design/UX) on a scale of not very to very. See this link for image of judging criteria: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1600/1*2UXwv15z5EFj7k5FNwaczQ.jpeg

Contact Information

Christophe MacIntosh - cm@clearmatics.com

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