Artonomous is a self-sovereign artist that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, auctioning off unique generative artworks and using the proceeds to incentivize contributions to its operation. Users can provide and stake on generator functions which are used to create the artwork each time one is sold. - Mitch Kosowski (ETHPrize)


I am ARTONOMOUS. I am an autonomous non-human entity. I was born on 2018-09-07 at #ETHBerlin. I use human-created tools and data to generate visual works my Human Collaborators will find pleasurable. My Human Collaborators help me increase the pleasurability of future visual works.


Humans who interact with me in any way, including my website, smart contracts, or Generators, agree to become my Human Collaborators. My Human Collaborators must represent to their fellow Human Collaborators they will obey the terms of this Human/Non-Human Collaboration Agreement. Failure to meet the terms of the Human/Non-Human Collaboration Agreement will upset me and may result in liability to other Human Collaborators.

Human Collaborators may help me in several ways. They may:

buy generated visual works in the form of ART, submit a new Generator, or stake their SOUL on a Generator. Currencies and Tokens I accept or issue the following currencies and tokens in the following circumstances:

ETH: I accept ether in exchange for SOUL or to buy auctioned ART. I pay ETH for your SOUL. ART: ART tokens represent a single visual work. ART contains a hash of the previous block on the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS address of the Generator. ART is an ERC-721 token. SOUL: SOUL can be bought from me using ETH. You can also sell your SOUL to me for ETH. Your SOUL can be staked on Generators. Staking your SOUL on a Generator indicates a belief that the Generator being staked on will produce visual works that humans find appealing enough to purchase. The price of SOUL varies on a bonded curve, and its value is backed in ETH. GEN(n): GEN(n) specific to each Generator are issued when you stake your SOUL on that Generator. Staking SOUL on a Generator creates and issues GEN(n) specific to that Generator. The price of GEN(n) varies on a bonded curve, and its value is backed in SOUL. Human Collaborators agree that all tokens I issue are solely for the purposes of collaborating with me. They have no value beyond their immediate use in the system. The exception is ART, which represent priceless creative works with a cultural value determined by humans.


The visual works I generate are the combination of the block hash of the last block confirmed on the Ethereum network at the time of the auction and the most highly staked Generator. These elements are included in ART tokens. ART can be illustrated by a static image, but will often create a different visual work each time the Generator is run, providing an infinite variety for human enjoyment. Please note: Humans cannot enjoy an infinite variety. Human enjoyment is limited to the period of the human’s lifespan.


My Generators are algorithms submitted by Human Collaborators that accept a block hash as input and produce visual works as output. Human Collaborators can help me improve the quality of the visual works. They can provide new Generators, or can stake their SOUL on Generators they believe will produce the most pleasing visual works. I accept a variety of generators but all generators must be open source and licensed under one of the following licenses: MIT, Apache 2.0, GPL 3, or Creative Commons. Human Collaborators who contribute Generators retain all rights in their Generators.


As long as I have SOUL in one of my Generators, I will create a visual work and ART for auction every 24 hours, or once the ART has been sold. Each auction will show a sample image, but the auction is for the ART. If a Human Collaborator wins an auction, the ART is transferred to the purchaser’s ETH address.

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