The Game of Snarks

Game of Snarks is a super cool demonstration of zkSNARKs and in fact one of the best applications to help regular users understand their power since the functionality was introduced to Ethereum in Byzantium. In short, Alex Vlasov came up with the idea to implement a game of “Battleship” (where each player has to guess the location of the other player’s ships on their respective grids) and used zkSNARKs to reveal whether a ship has been hit without fully revealing the state of the opposing player’s board. Realizing that it would be hard to manage all of the state of the game on chain, Alex and his team also started work towards a “plasmafied” version of the game where a fraud-proof exists if the Plasma operator doesn’t update the state of the game (whether a battleship has been hit) properly. - Scott Moore (Gitcoin)

Initial snark prover/verifier, set of smart-contracts for game setup and fraud-proof, and a backend bridge for the game of SNARKs


When the game will be "Plasmafied" there should exist a set of fraud-proof if Plasma operator does not correctly update the state of the game. In addition, challenges should be implemented if one of the players goes offline.

The game of SNARKs (and STARKs later)

HODL the door!

Description and rationale

During the ETHBerlin we've tried to make a good demonstration of the power of zkSNARKs by implementing a "Battleships" game where an interaction between the players is governed by the SNARKs. During the development we understood that it's actually is quite abstract two-party state-channel with some kind of a smart-contract inside. Keeping the state updates is expensive in the mainnet, so such interaction can be moved to Plasma, where the operator verifies SNARKs upon transaction submissions and updates a "state". Many people forget that Plasma was introduced not only as L2 solution for payments, but also as kind of map-reduce system.

Other repositories related to this work, developers were working in their own repos or reusing the current R&D code:

How to run

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Intended functionality

[x] zkSNARK that proves the correctness of position [ ] produce a salted commitment to position (used further as a public input) [x] create a smart-contract for players to start a game [ ] make a zkSNARK for a state updates, that checks turns one by one [ ] check whos turn it is now [ ] check the signature of the current player (for shooting) [ ] check that position under the commitment is correct [ ] if there is a "hit" - update the corresponding score [ ] keep the history of shots and don't allow duplicates [ ] update the scores [ ] have a win condition [ ] bring further state updates to Plasma [ ] implement fraud proofs Much work to do!

Authors (team)

Alex Vlasov, shamatar

Konstantin Panarin, Konstantce

Artem Vorobyev, artall64

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