Delfi An On-Chain Oracle You Can Reason About

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A simple on-chain oracle you can reason about.

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Nicholas Harvey-Cheetham, Nicolas Burtey, Bass Bauman ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)


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Delfi is a simple, on-chain, on-demand price oracle you can reason about. It provides a liquidity-weighted index of ETH/DAI spot prices from the highest volume decentralized exchanges. This price is paired with the value required to manipulate the rate by 5% or more, providing a quantifiable threshold of economic activity the price can safely support.

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Smart contracts written in Solidity, tested locally with Truffle, Ganache CLI, and Remix, and deployed to mainnet (yolo). Web interface written with web3.js and beautiful unstyled html. Vanity contract addresses generated with web3.js and node.js. Backtesting and price analysis done with Python and, Panda and Jupyter notebook, and Matplotlib for graphs. Data gathered from ShapeShift's CoinCap API, Poloniex's API, a local Parity node, Infura, and a not-quite synced archive node running on AWS.

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