From Dev to Production Multi-chain Environments with Splunk

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From Dev to Production Multi-chain Environments with Splunk

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From Docker dev net to prod multi-chain analytics. Get 2 prod faster with end to end visibility running real-time across multiple chains.

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Nate McKervey Ryan Moore Jeff Wu Siegfried Puchbauer ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)

Jeff Wu: 0x0433f9647339da77607880b9158cc1817564004d942c419483c318e3c0e1e4e1f7e8387d9aab8289179dfa1dc90c60fc2f25212e36ecf835fcad3b0dbab6ab7c0f Siegfried: 0x04861c40fafcfa84ced8d3c7c19a2db626a7b91b3d7bc32b43a756aaa4bd8407936c81c4c5d19d3a1b9cfd824c0613227295819399d05493109c23917dca7e1ab4 Nate: 0x049ae7fdab2a7ef6e561ef0addf8c1624a389aa290873eb20e9e8debd338472b0787d9732a6386c78b3aaeb82b87606e8e6bbdc5281d39b5a63ddf405ad358ba50 Ryan: 0x046cc59bfe7b90a2f306a058e1ede45285f47499e51edeeda80875a68ee39bb312b2666c64105bc62d0485e5babd4e38cd101ad6aab391c176c4491c6e221bc85c

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It is now easy to spin up devnets (PoW and/or PoA) with fully integrated analytics across chains with Splunk. All the logs, metrics, and even ledger data are automatically indexed into a local Splunk deployment. This enables devs to achieve 4 levels of Operational Intelligence: search and investigate issues with Dapps and/or infrastructure, become proactive by monitoring and alerting, break down silos and gain operational visibility across chains, finally get real-time business insights by combining on-chain and off-chain data.

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Splunk: data search and visualization Geth + Docker: talking to Ethereum POA: for xDai and multi-chain analysis Node: for javascript

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All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

POA Bounty 1 Overview: Deploy on POA or xDai! Ethereum Foundation Bounty 2 Overview: Most creative use of transaction throughput