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Company/Project Name and Description


Blocknative has built an embeddable widget that translates complex blockchain technology into clear human terms for end users. Our component was designed to add clarity and boost confidence in every user interaction. This means developers can focus on continuing to build great apps and growing a more engaged user base — without having to build out a custom MetaMask onboarding and diagnostic flow. So try out our Assist in the bounties below. And feel free to submit to as many as you like. Best of luck!

Bounty 1 Overview: The Most Interesting Dapp in the World: Win $2,000 for the Best Blocknative Assist Integration

Description: You’re creating a game-changing Dapp. It’s so novel, first time’s the charm. So slick, the devil plays your advocate. Your Dapp proves that great minds think alone, and that it only takes one to tango. And though Rome wasn't built in a day, your Dapp probably could have arranged it.

It’s the Most Interesting Dapp in the World (MIDW). And when you integrate everything that Blocknative Assist has to offer, you’ll be providing your users with a smooth onboarding experience with a minimum amount of implementation overhead. (Oh yeah, and win $2,000. Because as Billy Shakespeare once said, “Genius ain’t free.”)

Prize Amount: $2,000

Judging Criteria

We’ll judge based on originality, wow factor, and technicality

Bounty 2 Overview: Save More Time. Build More Stuff. Win One Grand.

Description: Imagine all the stuff you could build — and the time you’d get back — if you could focus 100% on what makes your Dapp amazing, rather than trying to get new users onboarded. With Blocknative, you can drop in a few lines of code and we’ll upgrade the initial user experience for you. This frees up your time to focus on what you do best: building core product. To win this bounty, simply embed Blocknative Assist, and show us the extra features and polish you were able to build in the time you saved. We’ll reward the biggest time saving win with $1,000.

Prize Amount: $1,000

Judging Criteria

We’ll judge based on wow factor and technicality

Bounty 3 Overview: Lights, Camera, Action: Show Us How Fast You Can Integrate Blocknative

Description: Ready for your close-up? Blocknative has developed an embeddable widget that translates complex blockchain technology into simple, human terms for your end users. And it’s designed to be super fast for developers to integrate into their dapps too. In this bounty, we’d like to see just how fast. Record yourself integrating Blocknative Assist into your dapp as quickly as possible. The fastest successful integration will win a grand. Let the focus, frenzy, and hilarity begin.

Prize Amount: $1,000

Judging Criteria

Fastest/most entertaining integration wins

Bounty 4 Overview: Expose Our Shortcomings

Description: Blocknative is supposed to be simple for developers to integrate into their dapps to enhance the user experience in minutes. But there are always edge cases — and we want to see which bases we haven’t covered yet. Video-record yourself integrating Blocknative, and the rockiest, most challenging integration will win a grand for your troubles.

Prize Amount: $1,000

Judging Criteria

We’ll judge based on technicality

Contact Information

Sarah Marshall - [email protected]

Note - All submissions may be featured in future blog posts