Infura - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description


Infura provides Ethereum and IPFS infrastructure and developer tools. Our APIs are the easiest way for you to start building your Web3 applications.

Bounty 1 Overview: Powered by EthQL

Description: EthQL is a next-generation API that allows you to build dApps using the modern tooling and cutting-edge design of GraphQL. EthQL is an open-source GraphQL API implementation which simplifies access to Ethereum data and optimizes the developer's experience. Utilize the EthQL API to build innovative dApps.

Prize Amount: $3000 USD in prizes will be given to the top submissions whose applications are built using the EthQL API. There will be a total of four (4) prizes awarded. Two (2) $1,000 prizes and Two (2) $500 prizes.

One of 3 options: 1. Build your project against a go-ethereum client with the new GraphQL API enabled 2. Build your project against a stand-alone instance of EthQL 3. Build your project against Infura's hosted EthQL API

Judging Criteria

We will be judging projects based on the originality of the project idea and the quality of the technical implementation in leveraging the power of EthQL's GraphQL API for data access.

Contact Information

Daniela Osorio - [email protected]