Rhombus - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description


Rhombus connects your dapp with real-world data.

Bounty 1 Overview: Oracle

Description: Best application of a Rhombus oracle

Prize Amount: - First place: $1,000 - Second place: $750 - Third place: $500 - Fourth place: $250

Additional Information

The first 15 projects that register with us and commit to using a Rhombus oracle in their dapp will receive $100, even if they don't place in the top 4 - as long as they successfully complete a dapp and integrate one of our oracles. Projects after the first 15 will receive a spot on our waitlist, and if any of the first 15 projects aren't able to successfully build dapps integrating Rhombus oracles, their $100 will be allocated to the waitlisted teams in order.


Judging Criteria

Prizes will be awarded to the most interesting applications of our oracle feeds.

Contact Information

Doug von Kohorn - [email protected]