XYO - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description

XYO runs on smartphones and sensors with the goal of implementing a proof of interaction protocol which can be used to identify and prove who interacted with whom, where specific interactions took place on the globe, and under what physical conditions. XYO’s blockchain protocol that generates high-certainty and tamper-evident data sets for any IoT Management or Smart Contract Platform to call upon via various APIs.

Bounty 1 Overview: Improve XYO Network!

Description: 1. User interface for a payment-on-delivery smart contract. 2. Governance user interface for voting on re-parameterization of XYO and one time actions 3. User interface for staking, activating, unstaking, and withdrawing on XYO components 4. Withdrawing rewards for XYO activity (i.e. you receive reward whenever new blocks are submitted to the Ethereum Network where blocks are composed of responses to XYO requests) This interface would allow you to withdraw rewards. 5. security review, bug bounty, fuzz testing, and report of SCSC smart contracts

Prize Amount: $500 each for the top 2 submissions

Tools found here: https://github.com/XYOracleNetwork & https://developers.xyo.network/ - Dapper to test Smart Contracts - Dapploy to deploy smart contracts locally - SCSC has smart contracts for user interfaces

  1. User interfaces require a React Github project
  2. Bug report should be a Github with documentation and reproduction steps and expected behavior

Judging Criteria

User interfaces will have consistency with XYO network design standards from Web Site. Thoroughness and severity of vulnerabilities exposed.

Contact Information

Bryce Paul - [email protected]