Quick Dive into the Move Programming Language

NOTE: This is a quick summary on my thoughts as I read through Libra's Move Technical Paper, learning as I type.

Two Different Types of Programs: Transaction Scripts & Modules

Move Global State

Drawing Comparisons

Libra & Ethereum 1 transactions are nearly identical

Libra 'Modules' & Ethereum 'Smart Contracts'

Move VM & Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

A Note on Transaction Scripts

Move VM Nuances

No Dynamic Dispatch

"Duplicating currency by changing move(coin) to copy(coin)"

"Reusing currency by writing move(coin) twice"

"Losing currency by neglecting to move(coin)"

We're going to conclude here. This was simply a quick primer on the Move language with some rough comparisons to the current state of Ethereum.

This guide will be updated over time as I gain more experience working with the tech. Additionally, I intend on penning a technical dive into transaction scripts and modules.