Tools for working with Vyper

Tools for working with Vyper

While Vyper lacks the tools options Solidity has, there are still a few you might fid useful.

Vyper Online Compiler

Vyper Online Compiler is an online editor for Vyper. Its web-based. It is currently in the experimental version. You can compile vyper codes, import vyper codes, save vyper codes to disk from it. It also has pre-written vyper codes that can serve as sample codes for you.

Remix Vyper plugin

Remix has a Vyper plugin for the language and compiler, enable it from the plugins section and off you go.


If you want to use the atom editor to write vyper code, there is a vyper plugin that adds syntax highlighting on atom for you.

Visual Studio Code

The Vyper language extension can compile code, and integrates with MythX out of the box.

Deployment Frameworks

You know when the development community has started to accept a language when it starts creating frameworks for it. Unsurprisingly Ethereum has a couple of options. Truffle claims to be the most popular option, supporting compilation, testing, deployment, and dependency management. Embark is similar, and also offers integration with IPFS.

An Ecosystem of Constant Change

The blockchain space is in constant flux and thus a list of tools will not be comprehensive for the foreseeable future. If there'ss anything missing from this list, please add it to the comments below.