Full Stack dApp Tutorial Series - Intro


In this series, we'll build a simple dApp (decentralised application).   We'll introduce all the different pieces of the tech stack and tools you can use to build a dApp.   The dApp will simply allow any user to issue a bounty in ETH


  1. You're a software engineer, hacker, etc. You understand systems and architecture and the fundamentals of software programming

  2. You understand the concepts of blockchain and have a basic knowledge of Ethereum. If not, watch the "Ethereum in 25 minutes" video below, read the [Ethereum whitepaper] (https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/White-Paper), and read the [ETH 101 Series] (https://beta.kauri.io/collection/5bb65f0f4f34080001731dc2/ethereum-101)


All tutorials within this series are accompanied by code examples which can be found in the following github repository:

[kauri-io/kauri-fullstack-dapp-tutorial-series] (https://github.com/kauri-io/kauri-fullstack-dapp-tutorial-series)

Ethereum in 25 minutes