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Attendance in the hackathon is limited to participants (hackers, mentors, etc.) only. This is to ensure that the teams will be able to concentrate on their projects. We thank you for your understanding.

BUT, this doesn't mean we don't have anything planned for you. On the contrary, there's a whole week of events planned around ETHBerlin for which we encourage you to apply.

Moreover, on the 7. of September, in addition to the main venue, ETHBerlin is hosting a series of talks and workshops at Factory Mitte (Rheinsberger Straße 76/77) for which you can acquire tickets by making an announcement via Peepeth to use the BlockParty contracts.

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03 Sep 18


Thank you so much for helping our hackers as a mentor during ETHBerlin! Mentoring is an important part of the hackathon! You will help our hackers build the best things possible! If you havent done so, please read our medium post on what it means to mentor. Code of Mentor You are mentoring 1st and hacking 2nd As a mentor, your main focus is to support other hackers and teams. If there is time and space to work on your own project, then by all means, please do. But keep in mind that supporting ot

Kauri Team

03 Sep 18