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CryptoCattle: Like Kitties, but Beefier!

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Tagline -

Like CryptoKitties but Beefier. Ethereum fun beyond cow-pare

Team Members -

Austin Roberts, Connor Bryan, Greg Lang, Beth Van Horn

Status IDs

Austin Roberts https://get.status.im/user/0x049fd4b11c1cf86e5dc76be0ec6cd78e3ceb986aa9f1980126d8548cc3896771c1b9de9a69692a628cecef36d29a26f196b7f15cc155dd52fec2c4263b06142e28

Connor Bryan https://get.status.im/user/0x04829db5ce1598d0ef5f84557c5c225aad95255d93bb71f6096fd9571900d9c0fc20877ace7c9cdd40f0bbf5c69caf292a7b03c2f1802a5463ec16ffa687ff0510

Greg Lang https://get.status.im/user/0x049b9dac88a02011f9593139cc215cc16d34ec8f69330794357e4dbde851eeadeda36d67f93e791b1c40aff91425e1af72c0f455fdbd575f5e0150d8998cca02a8

Beth Van Horn https://get.status.im/user/0x047ad6c9bacd9a8c7c0749c5a179b7ce5311da64b765f1b0ea191522dfcf2f609358d477be68bc4d44fe0afe1cd663859731b09d7546d511ca4c9b349d9958a728

Detailed Project Description -

CryptoCattle is a principled ripoff of CryptoKitties. OpenRelay has been working on their Open Source EtherCattle project to operationalize the management of Ethereum Clients - servers should be livestock not pets. When answering questions about it we often joked it wasn’t the cow version of CryptoKitties…. So for this ETHDenver 2019 we decided to give in to popular demand.

Describe your tech stack -

Project: CryptoCattle: React, Semantic UI, Gatsby, Solidity, Python, Docker, Ganache, Truffle, Zeppelin

Relayer: OpenRelay: Go, Docker

Track for which you’re submitting -


All Bounties Completed/Incorporated -

Zeppelin - Bounty 2 Overview: Best usage of Zeppelin tools (OpenZeppelin & ZeppelinOS)


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Beth Van Horn

COO, OpenRelay




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