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CryptoTwitter Roundup 04/09/2019

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Anthony Sassano with his second ‘State of Play’ analysis of MakerDao.

Eva Beylin says that the word “ Core ” has lost meaning in Ethereum , in a decentralized community everyone is either Mantle or Crust.

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CryptoTwitter Roundup 04/12/2019

Lane Rettig (eWASM Core Dev) vs. Ameen Soleimani (Spankchain) Lately, community members have suggested allocating a proportion of block rewards to core devs, EF, infrastructure projects, etc. ( EIP-1890 ) Evan Van Ness — A simple way to fund more public goods in Ethereum that makes everyone happy . ( evanvanness.com ) Ameen states he opposes the EIP now due to politics and uncertainty. ENS ’s Nick Johnson wishes people would stop defending hostility by arguing that the strength of the arguments

Joseph Bender

12 Apr 19

random cryptocurrency / cryptoeconomics thoughts #3

The below is ungroomed, thinking out loud, a collection of thought bubbles written as a messy tangle. It has not been processed for concision/to make it easier to read. Patience and indulgence is required. There is not a sequential flow, paragraphs are ordered randomly. No effort was made to format for easier reading/viewing. tl;dr I know you just want the money shot: incentive structures matter, crypto’s hard-encode them Crypto codebase is so smart, it will become a person at law who thinks for


20 May 19