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Project Tagline/Description

DAIno allows you to gift xDAI on social networks to anyone instantly, with a simple chrome extension.

Team Members.

Beatrice Leung, Cavan Flynn, Leon Do, Randy Daniel ID

  • BL 0x045a9be6f9afd8fbc99439067e9ab4f4fb2962d541266bfcf0f89bb8755da8853b5258b34385d9a20ccec1b8efc7c52a5448925d063a4089308b23a7d16ab711da

  • CF 0x04a0c7ad9528117997f4a8786b1e8a93794eb3ca00f42a6f1afdae5096f55122dcd2eee52452536a36c9286f909ac7a41d8278fd3c603f6419968b6ccd00f6f227

  • LD 0x04af0f06c1bb2fa435d90823a6f644b2b09c634d71df89d328a6fa85469379383d7077f6cb876e60c143a79b272c75d834000ffdecb6c6022195d1c12f3115a3f5

  • RD 0x040509b267bffd7751318a3f9af4c66f3e44dc232c112b41e7a319fe30204bde859b91035d72f9bbc14a1012add19d008f449cc50a8d9f8946fed179dfe213fcfe

Detailed Project Description

DAIno is a chrome extension that adds a button to your social feed, allowing you to gift anyone xDAI. After selecting the DAIno button the sender deposits fund into their one time use DAIno address and we’ll send the receiver a notification to let them know they got paid! The receiver can then claim the funds in using their social authentication on the DAIno page.

Tech stack

  • FrontEnd: Typescript, Vue.js, Vuex

  • BackEnd: Typescript, Node.js, Express, Firebase

  • Chrome Extension: Typescript

  • Libraries: Ethers.js

Open Track

  • POA Network Bounty 1: Deploy on POA or xDai

  • Ideas by Nature Bounty 1:Most User-Friendly Onboarding Process


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