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DAppBoard: The Best Analytics Tool for Decentralized applications and protocols.

One year ago we published, DAppBoard , the first decentralized applications leader board that provided data metrics that used throughout the community today: daily active users, number of transactions and Ether volume. Since our initial launch, several other dapp ranking application have followed our lead and we are happy to have inspired so many developers. We have continuously searched for ways to further contribute to the crypto ecosystem and the community of dapp developers. We also observed and listen to the feedback from the builder and after lots of iterating DAppboard is back with a new approach! However, analytics and metrics need to adapt as the ecosystem grows and as new dapps are developed. Imagine ranking web 2.0 actors like Airbnb, Google,, MailChimp or other web services by their number of page views per weeks? It would bring little additional value to further understanding those applications or how to help those companies.

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The New DAppboard

Today, we released the new DAppboard website with 3 primary goals:

1. Understanding Protocols & DApps

Because every protocol or dapp has a different use case we are working hard to categories them and rank them in a fair and meaningful way. You can’t compare decentralize exchanges with crypto collectibles with the same metrics. That’s why we are building a specific dashboard for any protocol/dapp and finding the metrics that matter to each specific category.

2. Ecosystem 360 View

In the previous months, we have seen DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications become more interconnected, demonstrating the synergies gained from building on a Ethereum . With DAppBoard, we are able to provide a 360 view and explain every single brick of the Web3 stack to give you further insight into the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

3. We are committed to open source:

All our code is open source and available on Github . We are also maintaining a list of more than 70K ERC20 tokens and NFT tokens (name, symbol, and decimals) at

Finding the metrics that matter to each specific dapp category

New Features and Metrics

For the new iteration of DAppBoard, we are releasing a lot of content.

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We are covering ERC20 and non fungible tokens using meaningful metrics such as the number of transfers, amount of users (senders/receivers), and the volume or distinct tokens sent in the case of collectibles. You can check out some interesting examples like Dai or CryptoKitties . Our team has also created dashboards which are in depth views into popular decentralized applications living on the blockchain. We showcase 3 dashboards:

  • We covered the 0x trading protocol that is used by many applications in order to trade tokens between users. We compare the token trading pairs, relayers, and number of traders.

  • In our second dashboard,we look at the compound finance dapp that enables people to lend and borrow tokens. We provide answer to questions like “what are the most used tokens” and“how many tokens are borrowed or in reserve”?

  • The last dashboard we released is focusing on the bounties network : a protocol enabling anyone to incentivize user to complete tasks by creating escrow using any token.

The Future of DAppBoard

The decentralized finance ecosystem is rapidly developing and DAppBoard provides meaningful data to analyze dapps, protocols, and tokens. We are building the BI tool for your project. You can generate and learn from custom KPI dashboards without having to reinvent the wheel internally.. Are you using a decentralized application or building one? Contact us we will be happy to discuss any challenges you might face. At Dappboard , we provide an easy and visual way to understand how people use decentralized applications. Stay tuned for more stories about DeFi protocols and dapps. If you want to know more about our work or connect with our team, please find us on twitter at DappBoardTeam or contact us .

More resources to learn about DappBoard:

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