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The analytics platform for Ethereum's smart contracts.



DAppBoard BI-Weekly Recap 1

The past 2 weeks were a fresh start for our organization. We have been working hard to set up the foundation of the new upcoming version of DAppBoard . We are currently focusing on building the backbone of it: principally how data are collected, organized and accessed. Our goal, in the next few months, is to get the new version of DAppBoard out. This recap is what we did from 12 to 24 November 2018. 🛠 DAppBoard ETL In 2 weeks we architectured, developped and released our Ethereum ETL that is wr

DAppBoard Team

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05 Dec 18

Ðappboard : The next generation of blockchain explorer

We have released Ðappboard a couple of weeks now. We hope you had a chance to explore and check your favorites DApps here on our explorer . We are here for the long run Our interest in blockchain started beginning 2017. As we didn’t want to put our money in speculation without understanding what was going on. We decided first to invest in educating ourself to better understand the technology. The amount of information is huge and everyday there are many new things to learn. From our reading, we

Aimable Dusingizimana

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05 Dec 18