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DevCon 3 - Day One Streaming

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OpenZeppelin Part 3: Token Standards

Token Standards OpenZeppelin has incorporated a series of token contracts to assist with creating and managing them. What is a Token? In Ethereum, tokens are a digital asset that can represent anything. It can be a protocol, physical object, or even cryptocurrency. People use them for a variety of actions such as buying or even voting. A token is a smart contract and a smart contract is a piece of code. To send a token you need to write a contract. Keep in mind that this contract must conform to


This article was originally published on BlockTEST.com on November 1st, 2018. Our third Startup Bonuses Webinar aired on October 31, 2018, featuring BlockTEST’s developer team, who discussed the basics of blockchain, introduced the purpose of smart contracts, and guided new blockchain developers towards deploying their first smart contract. BlockTEST developer Justin Littman launched the webinar by introducing the core theory of blockchain by comparing its pros and cons with those of the more tr