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Test, lint, deploy and maintain your dapps






Use linters on your smart contracts to ensure they meet best practices.

Lint your Solidity contracts with Solhint

Solhint is an open source project for linting Solidity code. This project provides both Security and Style Guide validations. Installation You can install Solhint using npm:npm install -g solhint # verify that it was installed correctly solhint -V Usage For linting Solidity files you need to run Solhint with one or more Globs as arguments. For example, to lint all files inside contracts directory, you can do:solhint contracts/**/*.sol To lint a single file:solhint contracts/MyToken.sol Solhint c

Kauri Team

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05 Jun 19

Lint your Solidity contracts with Ethlint

Ethlint (Formerly Solium) analyzes your Solidity code for style & security issues and fixes them. Installnpm install -g ethlint solium -V For backward-compatibility, you can still use npm install -g solium. If youre currently using the solium package for npm install, it is highly recommended that you move to ethlint. The solium package will not receive updates after December, 2019. There are no differences between the updates pushed to ethlint and solium packages. Usage In the root directory of

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28 May 19


Zeppelin create tools to help you create and maintain secure smart contracts.


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Truffle: Testing your smart contract

Earlier in the series, we took a look at how to setup Truffle and use it to compile, deploy and interact with our Bounties.sol smart contract. This article will walk through the steps required to write tests for our smart contract within the Truffle framework. Tests in Truffle projects can be written in Javascript or Solidity, however, this article will focus on the Javascript tests. Truffle uses the Mocha testing framework to provide an easy way to write tests in Javascript and uses Chai for as

Josh Cassidy

13 min read

02 May 19

Truffle 101 - Development Tools for Smart Contracts

Truffle is a suite of tools to help Dapp developers build, deploy and manage their applications. The three tools provide a stack for managing the development lifecycle of an application similar to those you may have used with other languages and frameworks. These are: Ganache, for starting a personal test Ethereum blockchain on your machine. Truffle, for managing the lifecycle of smart contracts and the artifacts your contracts need. Drizzle, a collection of front-end libraries for standardizing

Chris Ward

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04 Dec 18

Analysis and Security

Analyze Solidity Smart Contracts with Slither

Slither is a Solidity static analysis framework written in Python 3. It runs a suite of vulnerability detectors, prints visual information about contract details, and provides an API to easily write custom analyses. Slither enables developers to find vulnerabilities, enhance their code comprehension, and quickly prototype custom analyses. Features Detects vulnerable Solidity code with low false positives Identifies where the error condition occurs in the source code Easily integrates into contin

Kauri Team

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28 May 19


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