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A Blockchain-Based Lottery System with Savings and Staking in Mind.

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Brennan Fife Elise Schedler Parth Shah Nima Cheraghi ID for Each Team Member

@brennan, @easched, @nima

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DUXO is a blockchain-based lottery system, looking to take advantage of the technology's transparent and secure nature. Currently, we are incorporating two types of lottery systems: lotto-based (similar to a Powerball / Mega Millions) and Prize-Linked Saving Accounts, where users are allowed to play based off of the interest within the pot (thus, losing no initial funds). The lotto use case is not only under-represented within the blockchain ecosystem, but the PLSA's would offer potential benefits that would entice various forms of legislation to see potential benefits with a more efficient system.

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We used Rhombus for our RNG, ShapeShift for our currency conversion, Bloom for identity. We programmed our website (and dashboard) with JS/HTML/CSS, Sketch, & React + Redux.

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ShapeShift Rhombus Bloom Mainframe

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17 Feb 19

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