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Erebor is meta mining scaled by state channel for other state channels

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Erebor is meta token mining (ERC20 and ERC721) scaled by peer-to-peer state channels that provides random validator election mechanism for other state channel building on top of it.

Team Members. First and Last Names

Jason Lin, Kai Sun, and Leon Zhang ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team)

Jason: 0x0447f5379a217c624d454ce7b3619151751212483fb8ae08614effa10120076248df8a496f61f45e35ec9502630102cc48f69038e1d142a0a0383a5e7fb0e5a1d0

Leon: 0x04acba27c214d3be44e471cf22dcf44ac7ac311ecc9017b9c9a30d54608a85c8f246d5b62743617f054743653bd5d4b6ebf8ec01f30963a1030e08ba8d7f8a5567

Kai: 0x04f682dc8e9db165af8f3a561157252b7dcc4ff63052378bfbedcb2e3e32c808b700425c6a5a35122627090cbdf7a1dd3ce242159f64915a4e9ba3dae99c359152

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Built with our open-sourced SDK, we demonstrated our PoC implementation of peer-to-peer state channel that help scale Ethereum. Through meta mining, it not only bootstrap our multi-purpose p2p channels, but also help incentivize node operation. And it's fun!

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geth (les2) + ipfs (merkle data store) + libp2p pubsub + RLPx (packet encode) + electron + react + nodejs + 11BE SDK

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