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Eth Book

Eth Book


EthBook combines utility & cost effectiveness of chromebooks, with security/data privacy of Ethereum. Gone: google apps. New: Ethereum alts

Team Members

Amy Xu Noellar Kappa Joseph Schiarizzi



Detailed Project Description (no more than 3-4 sentences)

In order for blockchain to go main stream, we need to build a general purpose tool, that will offer three key features: utility, cost, security/data privacy. ETHBook is that tool, costing less than $150, having web3 ready to go, but without invasive Google apps. It will allow the general population to benefit from the features it offers and understand the technology by using it day to day. Google Drive is now IPFS, Google Chrome is now brave, open source everything.

Describe your tech stack (e.g., protocols, languages, API’s, etc.)

ChromiumOS Brave Browser IPFS Dell hardware Languages: Javascript, C kernel, html Gnosis Safe

Track for which you’re submitting (Open or Impact)


All Bounties Completed/Incorporated

Gnosis Safe integration, forked their chrome extension into a chromiumOS app


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Joseph Schiarizzi





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